CBB stands for a future where international travel and intercultural understanding is commonplace. We believe that our best hope for a more compassionate and accepting world lies in cross-cultural collaborations. We see international travel experiences as essential for those looking to change the world. In response, CBB is here to develop and support curious travelers and interculturally-competent adventurers. It is with curiosity that travelers seek out new experiences and with competency that they learn from and connect with others. Become a CBB traveler to help usher in a brighter tomorrow!

Embrace Travel. Experience Culture.




To provide flexible, reliable, impactful, and above all, professional international travel experiences to all CBB travelers.


To offer educational presentations and workshops that enhance the intercultural impact of international travel to groups and organizations for pre, post, and even during the travel experiences (regardless of trip organizer or destination).

To promote intercultural collaboration between groups, organizations, and institutions with similar visions and goals across the globe.

To make international travel more accessible to individuals from all backgrounds by pursuing means to make travel financially feasible.

To evoke passion for international travel by tapping into individuals’ existing interests and establishing intercultural connections/collaborations.

Company Logo and Name

Culture Beyond Borders



Our logo is the Adinkra symbol called BOA ME NA ME MMOA WO (help me and let me help you). This symbol represents cooperation and interdependence, which we believe are the attributes needed for a globalized world to thrive. Cross-cultural collaboration, mutual understanding, cooperation, and interdependence are pillars on which we can hope for a better future.


To possess a culture that is beyond any particular border is to be an interculturalist; it means you belong to the global village. Embracing, navigating, and integrating our differences is the only way to thrive in a globalized world.

CBB is here to usher you into such a future!

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