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Year of Return and Beyond


In August of 1619, the first ship caring free and proud Africans who were captured and enslaved by Europeans landed in Jamestown, Virginia. In commemoration of this milestone the West African nation of Ghana, in collaboration with numerous organizations, has launched the “Year of Return, 2019” (YOR) campaign. They state that it is in celebration of the “cumulative resilience of all the victims of the Trans-Atlantic slave Trade who were scattered and displaced through the world in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.” This is a powerful call to those of African descent, who, to this day, still feel displaced around the globe. Let CBB help you to be a part of this great Year of Return.


Ghana’s YOR events will encompass multiple festivals, summits, spoken word events, and celebrations (e.g. Ghana’s Independence Day, and Emancipation Day of the Americas and Caribbean). All of this will be on top of the traditional tribal festivals and rituals that annually occurs. In recognition of these homecoming celebrations, CBB challenges organizations, institutions, and the diaspora communities all over the world to be part of the Year of Return and Beyond! This year will serve as a spark that awakens the those in the diaspora. The campaign is launched this year but it will be a standing invitation year after year. CBB is here to serve any and all seeking to experience the warm embrace of the Motherland. We provide professional, customized, and reliable travel services that enables African Diaspora travelers to comfortably engage and connect with their ancestral homeland.


Year of Return Ghana, 2019!        Year of Return and Beyond, Ethiopia!

From Students to Professionals: The High Impact of International Travel

It can arguably be said that the most impactful international travel experience is that of African Diaspora persons journeying to the African continent. Two major reasons underline this claim. First, is that studies of students traveling abroad indicate that Black Americans and other minority students gain the most impact from international experiences. International education has been identified as a “high-impact practice” because it results in improving students’ academic performance and their well-being in general; with Black Americans gaining the most positive impact. Secondly, the experience a visit to the African continent offers Black Americans and others in in the African diaspora is mostly unmatched by any other groups engaged in cross-continental travel. Students, professionals, and even celebrities and life-long travelers of the African diaspora have reported the exceptional sense of freedom and affirmation of self they feel as they connect to the people and cultures of continent. Yes, it is true that international travel has a positive impact on all individuals, but for those in the African diaspora returning to the Continent, it serves as a particularly power experience. In light of this impact, CBB is dedicated to providing professional and reliable international travel services so more in the diaspora can embrace travel to the continent. Join CBB on a life-changing journey you will never forget!

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