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Curiosity meets Competency: the curiosity to explore, the competency to make connections

CBB Combines Travel With Intercultural Competency Practices.

Travel with us for customized, reliable, professional and impactful cultural experiences.

Receive intercultural competence training that advance your leadership, career, and personal development.

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 CBB Travels is the aspect of our organization that provides international standard touring, transportation and programming services by being flexible, reliable, and above all, professional. Since 2013 we have been providing meaningful programing and transportation services. Our flexible business structure allows us to customize travel experiences for solo travelers, small groups, organizations and universities alike. 


Who we serve:

African Diaspora:

We believe the most impactful travel experience is that of African Diaspora persons journeying to the African continent. 

International Education:

In today's globalized economy, an international education experience is a critical component of one's career advancement.

Groups and organizations:

Many of us yearn for immersive cross-cultural experiences but find it to be too daunting to organize and execute. CBB is here to meet all your (solo, small/large group) travel needs!

What we do: 

*Trip Proposal, Itinerary, and Budgeting

*Pre and Post Travel orientation

*Assistance with Airfare and Visa

*On the ground logistics (Lodging, Food, Transportation, etc.)

*Guided Tours

*Faculty-Led Programs

*Service Projects

*Facilitate International Collaborations ​ and Networking


Where we go:       





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