Overall, education abroad experiences are categorized as High Impact Practices within universities, but not all education abroad programs exhibit the required characteristics of such practices. At CBB, we infuse the programs we coordinate with the necessary characteristics to truly make it a high-impact practice.

The CBB Experience for Faculty-led Programs:

Trust-based relationships. It is not just about where you are going and what you will see/do, but it is also about who you are going with. Students must trust that their faculty leaders and program coordinators understand them.


They must see their fellow peers as individuals that share their aspirations; that the inherent differences between the individuals in the travel group, do not detract from, but rather add value to, the journey they are about to embark on. This is a necessary foundation for students to have before any long or short-term intercultural education experience. It will make them more willing to venture out of their comfort zone, resulting in a more impactful experience of self-discovery.

Making the most of pre-trip and post-trip. The amount of value students obtain from an education abroad experience correlates directly with the amount of time and effort dedicated to the pre and post trip programing. Pre-trip programing prepares students for the cultural challenges they are bound to face during the trip. Students who are better prepared will spend less time merely surviving these challenges, and more time intellectually engaging, questioning, and even seeking-out more of such experiences. Post-trip programing focuses on reflecting on the experiences they had and guiding students on how to re-enter their original cultural context.


After a fully immersive journey with new cultural practices, it is not always so easy to return to old practices. Skillfully customizing program designs means knowing pertinent information like emphasizing pre-departure efforts for short-term trips and re-entry programing for long-term trips.

Understanding Intercultural Competency: All CBB coordinated programs incorporate a comprehensive understanding of the intercultural competency developmental stages. We recognize the importance of intercultural competency and customizing students’ exposure to their appropriate level. Click here to find out more about Intercultural Competency?


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The CBB Experience for In-The-Field MBA Projects:

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