Embrace Ethiopia, Experience Culture

Let CBB take you to the horn of Africa. It is sure to be an unforgettable experience! Moreover, 2019 is declared the Year of Return for all displaced African descendants in the African Diaspora. If there was ever a time to experience the wonders of Ethiopia and the strength of its people, now is most certainly the time! (MAP)


Why Ethiopia?

Ethiopia stands alone as the only non-colonized African nation. It’s been said to be the real life inspiration of Wakanda from the movie Black Panther. With its proud history of monarchs and diverse terrain and ethnic groups, the comparison is not so far fetched. Ethiopia holds claim to more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other African country. Prehistoric discoveries identifies it as one of the origin regions of human emergence. In short, it is a country one must see and experience.


Ethiopia’s cultural diversity is as vast as its geographic diversity. Eastern Ethiopia is mountainous, dry, and hosts the hottest human settlement on Earth, and western Ethiopia is vegetative and teeming with wildlife. As one would expect, the various ethnic groups that settled in these differing landscapes equally differ in their cultural ways. Guided excursions into each of the nation’s 9 regions provide unique and mesmerizing experiences. Come partake in a communal plate of injera, enjoy the Ethiopian coffee from the Coffea arabica plant, learn to dance Eskista, and you will truly be enchanted by the land and its people.

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