Embrace Ghana, Experience Culture

Let CBB take you to the Gold Coast for an unforgettable experience! 2019 is declared the Year of Return for all displaced African descendants in the African Diaspora. If there was ever a time to experience the hospitality of the Ghanaian people, now is most certainly the time! (MAP)


Why Ghana?

Some refer to it as “Africa for Beginners” due to the vibrant and welcoming nature of the people and culture. It is a contender for the title of the fastest growing economy in the world for 2018. It is seen as the poster-nation of political stability and democratic integrity in Africa; 2019's 4th most peaceful country in Africa. In addition, it has a very rich history, with one of the oldest recorded history out of all sub-Saharan African nations. It is the combination of these accolades that lands Ghana on lists like CNN Travel's 19 Places to Visit in 2019.

Simply put however, it is the authentic experiences travelers have with locals that makes the country so welcoming. Ghanaian culture revolves around notions of hospitality and showing kindness to strangers. This cultural outlook, plus English being the national language, makes the people and places very accessible to adventurous travelers. From the vibrant city life in the capital of Accra, to the historic sites and coastal regions of Cape Coast, and the rich traditions of the Ashanti people in Kumasi, Ghana offers many remarkable experiences. Add in the food, music, traditional Kente clothing, and a vibrant nightlife and music scene, and visitors are quick to  be captivated by Ghana.

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