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Groups and Organizations

At CBB, we are a small and intimate team, but we have the skill set to provide meaningful programing and transportation services because of the depth and breadth of our educational, cultural and managerial experiences. Our flexible business structure allows us to provide customized travel experiences for solo travelers, small groups and organizations.

We strive to evoke your passion for international travel by tapping into individuals’ existing interests and establishing intercultural connections/collaborations. Themed trips you can embark on include dance (traditional, modern, and salsa), fashion and textiles, natural cosmetic products, food (including cooking), sports, poetry and the arts, music industry, and of course luxury and leisure tours.

CBB services for groups and organizations include but not limited to:

Itinerary and Budgeting        Pre and Post Travel orientation        Assistance with AirFare and Visa

On the ground logistics (Lodging, Food, and Transportation)

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