Providing presentations and workshops to advance your intercultural understanding

At CBB we incorporate an Intercultural competency perspective into all our travel experiences. But why is it important?


Intercultural competence (IC) consists of the skills and characteristics that enables an individual to effectively manage appropriate interactions in a variety of cultural contexts.


The importance of IC for...

African Diaspora Travelers:

International travel that connects individuals with their ancestral roots is known as Heritage Traveling. Arguably, the most impactful heritage travel experience is that of African Diaspora persons journeying to the African continent. The ancestors of a majority of those in the African Diaspora did not leave the continent of their own volition and the present-day descendants often have no cultural connections with the continent.


This necessitates the use of IC practices so African Diaspora travelers can successfully prepare for and navigate their African cultural experiences; to ensure that the they have a self-affirming and eye-opening homecoming!


International Education:

IC helps students to take on multiple perspectives and be more open-minded individuals. Within the education sector, this can improve students’ ability to learn and help discover their passion/career direction. Moreover, they become better prepared for the global workplace, increasing their hireabilty.


Professional Development:

The higher on the developmental stages of intercultural competency one is, the more adept leader one can be. Navigating new cultural spaces and communication practices, understanding multiple cultural behaviors and attitudes, and integrating ideas from diverse sources results in high performance in the workplace.


Personal Development:

IC equips you with the skills needed to form social networks across the globe. But an interesting effect takes place; the more you learn about others and their ways, the more you come to understand your own characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes. Knowledge of self is a critical step in actualizing our highest potential. The journey of obtaining intercultural competency skills is one of self-improvement; a lifelong cycle of learning, un-learning, and re-learning.


Thinking of setting out on an international trip or just returning? Let CBB Presents help you make the most of your experience by providing you an intercultural lens! Contact us / complete inquiry form for details of Intercultural Understanding (Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced) workshop packages.


Intercultural Understanding for Beginners

Learn the basic steps you can take today to embark on the journey to becoming an interculturalist.


Learn the answer to why being curious, open, and self-aware is important and how to go about it.

(presentation, applicable to any destination)


Learn the basic steps you can take today to embark on the journey to become an interculturalist.

Learn the answer to why being curious, open, and self-aware is important and how to go about it.

Get the opportunity to engage in culturally-mindful exercises with trained leaders. Learn more about yourself, your travel companions, and the cultural destination you will soon be embracing!

(presentation and workshop)



Being individuals who are familiar with the basic tenets of intercultural understanding, these workshops aim to improve your level of intercultural competence.


CBB will provide pre-travel, during-travel, and post-travel customized workshops. Intercultural competency levels will be measured before the first session and after the last session to document the degree of improvement group members experienced. Intercultural understanding should be seen as something we strive to continue to grow in and engage with throughout our lifetime, always being willing and ready to learn.


CBB promises to provide the appropriate degree of challenge needed to help you along the way.

(a set of workshops)