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Dr. Kwesi Ewoodzie

Founding Director

Dr. Kwesi Ewoodzie is a Ghanaian-American interculturalist, scholar and researcher, and a professional-development facilitator who promotes intercultural understanding through travel and training. He brings with him decades of life experiences as a third-culture kid, about 10 years of engaging in international education that culminated in a Ph.D. in Sociology, and 6 years of promoting global understanding and international travel. Since 2013, CBB has served as the medium through which the skills and knowledge he has gained as a scholar and interculturalist can be of service to the members of his global community.

Dr. Ewoodzie’s life has been infused with all things intercultural. He received an undergraduate education at Ithaca College as an MLK Jr. Scholar, which further defined him as a social-justice-minded global citizen. In 2017, he completed his Ph.D. from University of Iowa, focusing on Organization and Culture, during which he served as president of the Society of Black Graduate and Professional Students.

His love of traveling has taken him to 6 continents and he has conducted sociological research in Ghana, Spain, Costa Rica, and Morocco. Additionally, he is certified in intercultural communication training from the Intercultural Communication Institute.

The global community he passionately serves consists of African Diaspora groups, international education facilitators, social activists, and all globally-minded groups and organizations around the world. “It is through service that we can pay back the individuals and communities that have helped us grow, as well as empower and inspire social change in this generation and the next!”

Stephen Anderson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Education in Winneba, Ghana. He has 5 years of experience teaching music to various grade levels.  Currently he is attending University of Ghana, Legon, to obtain a Master of Philosophy in Music to advance his teaching career. He has lived and worked in most of Ghana’s major cities. He now resides in Accra and oversees much of CBB finances, as well as assisting with operations and programs.


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Stephen Kow Anderson

Ghana Financial Manager

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Dan Larbi

Driver and Head of Transportation

Dan Larbi has 20+ years of professional driving experience in Ghana. Some of his past experiences include driving for Jandel LTD and P&T Travel and Tour Company. Currently he oversees transportation for CBB, maintaining our vehicles and seeing to the safety of our clients. He ensures CBB provides professional, safe, and reliable transportation.

Enoch Otabil, aka Ato, has spent most of his life in the Central Region of Ghana where his family is from. His hails from Gomoa Jukwa and holds a diploma in education from the University of Education Winneba, Ghana. For the last 7 years he has been living in the Ashanti Region where he teaches IT in a technical and vocational school near Kumasi. Ato ensures that all our travelers enjoy their stay with CBB when they visit Ghana and also helps them to learn the basics of some Ghanaian languages (Twi and Fanti) and cultural practices.

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Enoch Otabil

Cultural Specialist and Tour Guide – Central and Southern Part of Ghana

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Gadri Guide Elefo

Cultural Specialist and Tour Guide - Northern Part of Ghana

Gadri Guide Elefo, aka Kofi, has lived in the Northern Region for 28 years, currently residing in Tamale. His family roots are in Salaga (his mother’s side), and Volta region, Adidome (his father’s side). He holds a Higher Diploma degree in Mechanical engineering. He’s fluent in English and seven Ghanaian languages. He has five years of experience as Tour guide and has found it to be a wonderful endeavor. Kofi is passionate about the tourism industry because it allows him to socialize with new groups of people, through which one learns to respect and appreciate individuals’ humanity and the differences in their cultural values. Kofi has been with CBB since 2017 and is dedicated to making customer service our highest priority.