We pride ourselves in providing customized experiences designed to match your interests, needs, budget, etc. However, we often have trips in need of more people to join. Keep an eye on this page for pre-organized trips and events announcements.


We pride ourselves in providing customized experiences designed to match your interests, needs, budget, etc. However, we often have trips in need of more people to join. Keep an eye on this page for pre-organized trips and events announcements.


As of now, all CBB travel related programs have been postponed or are on standby. CBB is working with our on-the-ground network of cultural experts and our partner institutions to re-design our programs and services. Stay tuned for opportunities to have virtual cultural experiences with the wonderful people of Ghana. If you cannot come to Ghana, then we plan to bring Ghana to you!

Ghana Leadership Retreat 2019


CBB is partnering with the Direct Your Purpose and Empower For Greatness organizations to provide the ultimate 2019 leadership retreat. Go on this leadership retreat to gain a renewed sense of purpose, a recommitment to your own personal growth/aspiration, and reinvigorate your sense of urgency.

In addition, you will build cross-cultural relationships, understand the cultural context and history of Ghana, and be able to break the stigma of Africa and redefine the cultural framework of the continent.

When: July 26th to August 4th

Current Status: Trip confirmed! ...still room for more participants.

Signup Deadline: July 1st, 2019


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December is always a blast in Ghana but this year will be exceptionally so! The Year of Return events will all culminate with Afrocella on Dec. 28th and an NYE celebration like never before seen in Accra. Let CBB help you to be part of the the excitement. 

In the 10-days, we'll visit 3 major cities (Accra, Cape Coast, and Kumasi); chock-full of cultural activities. As with all travel coordinated by CBB, an intercultural competency perspective will be applied to make sure travelers have a positive and impactful experience!

This is a end-of-year leisure trip, meant to provide unforgettable experiences in the Mother Land! Budget of $115 per day covers food, transportation, tour site entry fees, and lodging (double occupancy at guest houses).

Customize Your Experience

Add Nigeria to your itinerary: 

CBB is partnering with Intercultural Communities Project (ICP) to offer you 7-13 days in Nigeria before end of year celebration in Ghana. Contact ICP at:  taogunjobi@interculturalproject.org

Adjust your travel days or accommodations:

Want different travel dates? Or would rather go for a luxurious 4-star hotel? Contact us for budget adjustment details. 


When: Dec. 26th, 2019 to Jan 4th, 2020

Current Status: Confirmed and Recruiting

Signup Deadline:
Official Signup deadline has past but contact us for new cost estimate and payment schedule!

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Back to the Afro-Future!

CBB is collaborating with Culturiousity (Canada) and Birthright Africa to bring entrepreneurs to Ghana. It will be a combination of educational experience and networking with members of the science and technology industry in Ghana. Learn experientially, where the country has been and where it is going as a stable democracy with opportunities and creativity in diverse areas. Equip yourself to communicate and do business with Ghanaian people through guided intercultural awareness and development.

This trip is designed for you to experience, reflect, connect as well as relax—we do all the heavy lifting, you do all the valuable learning.

When: 2019

Current Status: Under Consideration

Signup Deadline: TBA

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Year of Return and Beyond!

In August of 1619, the first ship carrying free and proud Africans, who were captured and enslaved by Europeans, landed in Jamestown, Virginia. In commemoration of this milestone, Ghana has launched the Year of Return, 2019 (YOR) campaign. It is in celebration of the “cumulative resilience of all the victims of the Trans-Atlantic slave Trade who were scattered and displaced through the world in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.” This is a powerful call to those of African descent. Let CBB help you to be a part of the YOR.


CBB is here to serve any and all seeking to experience the warm embrace of the Motherland. We provide professional, customized, and reliable travel services that enables African Diaspora travelers to comfortably engage and connect with their ancestral homeland.


Throughout 2019, Ghana will be chock-full of events with YOR themes. CBB is ready to help you to be part of it.  


Contact us with questions. Take a look at highlights like Chalewote Festival (arts, music, and dance) and Afrochella (fashion, African cuisine, and live performances).

When: 2019

Current Status: Under Consideration

Signup Deadline: TBA


Year of Return and Beyond!

In recognition of these homecoming celebrations, CBB challenges organizations, institutions, and the diaspora communities all over the world to be part of the Year of Return and Beyond! 2019 will serve as a spark that awakens those in the diaspora. The campaign is launched this year but there will be a standing invitation to return year after year. CBB looks forward to serving the global African Diaspora community for years to come! 

In 2020, CBB's Year of Return and Beyond will be expanding to Ethiopia. It will be a journey of self-discovery where travelers can connect with the amazing history and sites of the horn of Africa.

Stay tuned for more details or contact us with questions/complete an inquiry form!

When: 2020

Current Status: Under Consideration

Signup Deadline: TBA


We strive to evoke your passion for international travel by tapping into individuals’ existing interests and establishing intercultural connections/collaborations. Themed trips you can embark on include dance (traditional, modern, and salsa), fashion and textiles, natural cosmetic products, food (including cooking), sports, poetry and the arts, music industry, and of course luxury and leisure tours.

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