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Ghana Leadership Retreat (Summer 2019)

CBB is partnering with Direct Your Purpose organization to provide the ultimate 2019 leadership retreat. Go on this leadership retreat to gain clarity and a renewed sense of purpose, a re-commitment to your own personal growth and aspiration, and reinvigorate your sense of urgency

In addition, you will build cross-cultural relationships in, understand the cultural context and history of Ghana, and be able to break the stigma of Africa and redefine the cultural framework


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Back to the Afro-Future! (Summer 2019)

CBB is collaborating with Culturiousity (Canada) and Birthright Africa to bring entrepreneurs to Ghana. It will be a combination of educational experience and networking with members of the science and technology industry in Ghana. Learn experientially where the country has been and where it is going as a stable democracy with opportunities and creativity in diverse areas. Equip yourself to communicate or do business with Ghanaian people through guided intercultural awareness and development.

This trip is designed for you to experience, reflect, connect as well as relax—we do all the heavy lifting, you do all the valuable learning.

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