About Virtual Learning

Virtual interactions have firmly been established as the “new normal” in 2020. While we are starting to have some in-person interactions, we are a far cry away from fully enjoying international exchange programs like pre-pandemic times. Therefore, it only seems appropriate to incorporate virtual international exchange into students’ learning experiences.


Reports indicate that virtual global learning offers a significant degree of intercultural skill development for students. Through virtual interactions with students or community members in locations around the globe, CBB virtual program offers student in-depth knowledge about the culture, perspectives, and lives of others. Communicating and collaborating with those with different cultural backgrounds forces students to make sense of cultural differences, much like during in-person international travel. Moreover, CBB's well designed global learning modules enhances the in-classroom course-based learning of students, as they tap into experts of the subject matter from across the African continent.

About CBB's Virtual Services

CBB stands for a future where international travel and intercultural understanding is commonplace. We believe that our best hope for a more compassionate and accepting world lies in cross-cultural collaborations. In the wake of a pandemic stricken world, sticking to our pledge to advance intercultural understanding seems to us, more important than ever. It is the values and principles we stick to in hard times, not good times, that really define who we are.


CBB is collaborating with the members of the African Cultural Guides Association to offer high impact virtual global learning experiences to students. Using a network of local cultural and subject-matter experts, CBB offers virtual global learning that spans from West Africa, East Africa, to South Africa. We infuse intercultural competency skill development into all the content we create for students. These experiences will not only develop students intercultural understanding, but it will ignite in them an interest to explore the continent of Africa in person when travel norms have returned.


CBB wishes to extend faculty and administrators’ capacity by handling orientation to the virtual programs. CBB will also handle all scheduling, coordination, and communication needed for the virtual program to proceed without disruptions. Scheduled and regular feedback and performance reports will let CBB know about the quality of the virtual interactions. CBB will use this information to improve the services provided to students, faculty, and the institution.

Virtual Destinations

Western Africa
Eastern Africa
Southern Africa

Virtual Modules

Modules typically come with up to one hour of pre-recorded content and up to one hour of live interactions.
Prices could range depending the number of models, countries selected, and overall intercultural package.
Email us at for a customized quote based on your specific needs!
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