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CBB stands for a future where international travel and intercultural understanding is commonplace. We believe that our best hope for a more compassionate and accepting world lies in cross-cultural collaborations. We see international travel experience as essential for those looking to change the world. In response, CBB is here to develop and support curious travelers and interculturally-competent adventurers. It is with curiosity that travelers seek out new experiences and with competency that they learn from and connect with others. Become a CBB traveler to help usher in a brighter tomorrow!


A Combination of International Travel and Intercultural Training

For Your Professional and Personal Growth

Beyond the Return

2019 marked 400 years since the first ship of Enslaved Africans landed in America. Ghana  declared it the Year of Return for all in the the African Diaspora. "Beyond the Return" is the decade long follow up campaign.

Let CBB organize your homecoming!

Customize Trips

Organizing an intercultural experience can be challenging.  From on-the-ground logistics like transportation and lodging, to designing themed trips about wellness, dance, poetry, or textiles, CBB can make it all possible!


Life changing experiences through culturally-immersive international travels

Faculty-Led Programs

Global awareness is now an integral part of a comprehensive education, for undergraduates, graduates, and professionals. CBB offers impactful intercultural experiences for institutions, faculties, and students.

Presentations on Intercultural Competency, designed to prepare you for any international travel experience.

Workshop exercises and presentations customized for your  organization's pre-determined travel destination!

Workshops and presentations combined with  a cutomized CBB Travels experience for your organization!

CBB Presents

Presentations and workshops to advance your intercultural understanding


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